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A powerful CRM and premium lead distribution software to drive your brokerage success 

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An edge-to-edge CRM solution for call-centers and FX brands that is Truly Unique

We have the formula for making forex brands & call-centers successful

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Increase Deposits and Conversions

Our proprietary software is trusted and used by some of the more known industry leading EU brokerages and Forex brands

If you operate a high volume call center or intend to build one, then you owe it to yourself to see how can our technology improve your bottom line. With 4x more calls expected by agents, estimated 3.4 hours saved by team managers, and a double digits percentage increase in conversion rates, we can definitely help your sales team perform better


Highest Scored Lead


Highest Scored Agent


Highest Scored Lead


Highest Scored Agent


Highest Scored Lead


Highest Scored Agent

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Automated lead distribution

Automatically assigning the hottest lead to the best sales agent – in Real Time

The Ninja algorithm embedded at the core of our technology is an advanced feature which is specifically developed for call-centers. The Ninja constantly reviews all leads in the DB at real time, factors and ranks them according to more than 150 rules, and matches the highest priority lead with the best available agent

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Robust affiliate solution

An integral affiliate solution embedded in an innovative working environment

A full-flow affiliate management platform for running your entire conversion funnel. From Traffic Acquisition to intelligent Cascading Registrations, through a smart dashboard for controlling performance, conversion rate and network relations with the world’s leading advertisers

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Always reachable, from anywhere at any time

Cost efficient and flexible cloud-based Forex CRM | Back office system

A cloud-based delivery solution using the best practices and the latest technologies to ensure the most stable trading environment

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Highest level security

Protection of our clients and partners from online threats is a core feature

Whitelisting, two step verification, encryption of data transmission and storage are just some of the features employed to safeguard your valuable data

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Enabling worldwide trading

Seamless integration with payment providers and leading trading platforms

A swift integration to external providers, covering: Payments, MT4/MT5, VOIP, Email, SMS, KYC and geo-targeted desks 

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Helping call-centers perform much better

Covering all aspects of your call-center in a simple to integrate and easy to operate way

Our proprietary CRM solution brings you instant tools and advanced features to start and quickly increase your conversions, eliminate lead churn, optimize your sales and retention performances, and maximize ROI